Sights nearby

  1. Dubingiai bridge and castle ruins. There is really no need to search for these places.

2. To our surprise, we found a museums on the castle, and more specifically a special hood! This is the middle ground building. Or more precisely, it is a building that covers the fragments of the old Radvilų palace. We were visiting Dubingiai, a woman from the outside of the building where we bought a ticket. Since there were not many people around, she even had a friendly trip with us on what was discovered and discovered from the remains of the dugouts. It is advisable to go down, do not give up one another and stay in the middle of the museum.

3. Next we went to the Dubingiai resort, before visiting the Gaurakalnis high bog (traversed by Gaurakalnė wetland trail). A link to this path is located near Dubingiai Recreation Center, where you can also leave the car. The marsh path is small but beautiful, passing through the forest. This is not our first Lithuanian swamp, but if you have not been, it is always interesting to visit a slightly more natural place of nature.

4. Returning to the beginning of the path, the sidewalks are a sign to the exodus from which you can see Lake Asveja. A short nice road.

5. Dubingiai Stud is the first stage of entertainment complex Dubingiai Diamond Resort established in the surrounding of the unique nature. Three lakes, forests, long-lived oaks, spectacular sunsets drowned in the fog in the ravine behind the outdoor horse arena in summer evenings create peculiar cosiness and peace. Every spring in Žalktynė village forest not far away from us one can see the feasts of grass-snakes. Herein the uproar of cars and people specific to the city is replaced by the sounds of nature: the speech of animals, rustle of forests and ripple of water. While staying at Dubingiai Stud one can forget the city, its noise and mud and feel the natural nature. More informormation: