Places to visit

Places to visit

Places to visit

Dubingiai bridge and castle site

The Dubingiai bridge and castle site. These places don’t require much effort to find, especially on good weather weekends – near the mentioned bridge, there will likely already be a bus with tourists or individual cars of families and couples. You can leave your car along with the others.

After looking around the lake, on the other side of the bridge, you will find steps that lead up to the castle site, atop a high hill overgrown with ancient oaks. From there, a stunning panorama of Asveja Lake opens up, with benches where you can sit and spend some time. During our visit, the clovers were blooming incredibly!

Exhibition of Radvila palace fragments

During our visit to Dubingiai, next to the building outside, there sat a lady from whom we purchased a ticket. Since there weren’t many people around, she even kindly conducted a tour for us about what has been learned and discovered from the excavated remains. We recommend stopping by, not sparing a euro or two, and spending time in the museum in the middle of the fields.

Gaurakalnė bog nature trail

You will find the entrance to this trail near the Dubingiai leisure center, where you can also leave your car. The bog trail is small but beautiful, winding through the forest. It’s not our first Lithuanian bog, but if you haven’t been, it’s always interesting to visit a more rugged natural spot.

Dubingiai horse farm

This is the first phase of the “Dubingiai Diamond Resort” entertainment complex, nestled in a unique natural setting. The surrounding three lakes, forests, ancient oaks, and the impressive sunsets appearing over the outdoor riding arena in the summer evenings, sinking into the mist, create a special coziness and tranquility.

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