Information and rules

Information and rules

Information and rules

These rules are created to ensure order, fully protect you and your property, equal rights, and conditions of rest for all homestead guests, and to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings and painful consequences.

Before coming to rest at our homestead, please familiarize yourself with the main rules of order.

Receiving an advance payment for the Homestead rental is treated as the Service recipient having acquainted themselves with and agreed to the Internal order rules.

Reservation and payment

  • A reservation is confirmed and valid only after transferring the reservation fee for the rental of “Adomo Sodyba.”
  • The quantity of services ordered, price, and size of the reservation fee are determined by mutual agreement of the parties, and they are recorded via email with the customer.
  • If the service recipient cancels the service, the paid amount (reservation fee) remains with the service provider.
  • The remaining amount is paid upon arrival at the homestead in cash or by transfer.

Internal order rules

Guests must:

  • Familiarize themselves with the rules for safe behavior, fire safety, and internal order.
  • Immediately pay for any additional chargeable services of the homestead upon ordering.
  • Use electricity economically.
  • Not disturb other guests’ peaceful rest.
  • Before leaving the homestead, participate in handing over the rented premises and material values to the homestead owner.
  • Leave the premises tidy, put trash into garbage bags, and take it to the designated area in the homestead.


  • Smoking inside the premises (designated smoking areas are provided in the homestead).
  • Heating the sauna and hot tub without the owner’s permission.
  • Bringing and keeping dogs or other animals in the homestead without the owner’s permission.
  • Moving or transferring homestead inventory to other places without the owners’ permission.
  • Using boats or other homestead inventory without the owners’ permission.
  • Breaking trees, stepping on flower beds, littering, or otherwise damaging the territory.


  • Guests are fully financially responsible for any damage or destruction to movable and immovable property on the homestead and its territory (for the material damage caused, the client is liable in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania).
  • If minors of the client cause damage, their parents or guardians must compensate for it.
  • If the client or their children injure themselves or damage their property due to their own fault, violating safe rest and sports conditions, the homestead owner is not liable.
  • The homestead does not provide item protection services but allows visitors to leave their belongings (cars) in designated areas. The homestead is not responsible for the loss and/or damage of visitors’ personal items, except if it occurred due to the homestead’s fault.
  • The main service requester is responsible for noise in the homestead after 23:00.

Fire safety and safe behavior rules

Guests must:

  • Use electrical appliances properly, do not allow children to use them. Do not leave electrical appliances, radios, or television equipment unattended while turned on.
  • Smoke only in designated areas and dispose of cigarette butts only in designated containers.
  • Light fireplaces and barbecues only with the homestead owner’s permission and after receiving instructions.
  • Place firewood only in designated areas, away from open fire.
  • Do not leave children unattended when lighting a fireplace and do not allow them to light it.
  • Fires can only be made in the designated fire pit and outdoor fireplace after coordinating with the owners.
  • Do not leave the fire unattended; extinguish it when leaving the fire pit or the outdoor gazebo with a fireplace.
  • Children can swim or row a boat only with adults.
  • It is mandatory to wear life jackets and use other safety measures when boating.
  • It is prohibited to boat with intoxicated individuals.
  • Use sports equipment only as intended.
  • Each guest is individually responsible for the quality and freshness of the food they bring.
  • If a guest or their children injure themselves or their property due to their fault, violating the rules of safe behavior, fire safety, and internal order, the service provider is not liable.
  • The main requester is responsible for any noise or incidents occurring in the homestead.
  • The vacationers themselves are responsible for all possible accidents that may occur on the homestead territory, inside the house, on children’s playgrounds, sports fields, in the sauna, or while swimming in the pond.
  • The guest is responsible for accidents caused by alcohol.
  • Parents or supervising persons must ensure the safety of children.
  • The main requester undertakes to acquaint the participating individuals with the fire safety and safe behavior rules and is fully responsible for the safety of the vacationing group.
  • A first aid kit is available in the main building.
  • Fire extinguishers are located in the main building and the sauna house.

Service Provision Order

Accommodation services are provided based on a prior reservation, signing an accommodation service contract, and paying a reservation fee of €200 within 3 days. The remaining amount is paid as agreed in the accommodation service contract. The order of service provision can be changed by agreement of the parties, with conditions described in a durable medium or in the contract. The client has the right to cancel the agreed purchase of accommodation services and not to transfer the reservation fee.

Entity resolving consumer disputes in a non-judicial manner: State Consumer Rights Protection Authority, address Vilniaus g. 25, 01402, Vilnius,, a request form can also be filled out on the ODR platform

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